Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015

Travel diary: Ireland between the years

My winters rest has ended and this first post of the new year is bringing on some of my travel snaps from my recent trip to Ireland. As I mentioned before, I spent Christmas and New Year´s on the green isle and had an overall wonderful time. Sure, it was a tad weird to be without my family on Christmas eve, but the big celebration and the delicious feast on Christmas day itself ( marry me vegeterian stuffing!) evened it out quite a bit. It was incredibly interesting to sneak into another family's christmas beside ones own and to be honest I wasn't missing my portion of potato salad after all. Besides the days I spent lazy and food-filled around Christmas, I also went on a little day trip to Bray, which is a charming coastal town just outside Dublin. Next to the time at the sea, I had my share of the after-Christmas sales in town. I came back home with this lovely red skirt, my first ever turtleneck shirt and once again quite a pile of books. The weather was fantastic during the two weeks that I spent over there and allowed me to see this gem of a country in a beautiful light once again.
Skirt + Jumper Bershka / Bag + Belt + Hat Secondhand / Shoes NYer / Necklace Brandy Melville
Last but not least, I put together a little video of my travel to Ireland. I wasn't even planning it, that's why I only started to collect wee clips at the end of my trip. But the picturesque coastal walk around Bray simply inspired me to try and soak it all up. You can watch the video here or over on my (dust-covered) Youtube channel. Expect not too much movement over there, but I wouldn´t mind catching a few more travel memories on camera soon, so more impressions from future or past vacations might follow eventually. So far so good. Happy Thursday everyone!

Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

Travel diary: another dreamy weekend in Poland

After my first trip to Poland this summer, I was sure that I would go back to this beautiful country. But I was also sure, that the next trip would most likely happen in spring or summer of the upcoming new year. When my travel itch started to show up again, it was actually a rather annoying procedure to find a last minute destination and my curly better half and I somehow ended up on another dreamy and wonderful trip to this amazing country. Only a few days after booking, we hopped on a 4hr bus ride to Poznan and really enjoyed our short getaway, which was filled with amazing and hearty food and the exploration of this really picturesque town. The old town square alone was absolutely beautiful and I couldn´t stop taking pictures of the colourful houses. Although the sun wouldn´t come out much, I enjoyed the autumnal gloom and I can highly recommend going to Poznan, especially when it´s off-season.
The food really was to die for and whatever we ate, we always ended up happy (and I can be picky from time to time...). There were always nice veggie options available and we especially loved our lunch at Ludwiku Do Rondla, just off the main square (off the main square is obviously always the best place to eat!)
jumper + scarf H and M / coat + skirt vintage / shoes + bag flea market /
I´m also very happy to announce, that this wasn´t the last adventure of 2014. This year I´m going to spend christmas and new year´s on my very favourite island, Ireland and I can´t wait to start packing and planning. I've never spent christmas abroad and I´m very excited to see how the holidays are celebrated over there. Until then, I wish you all a lovely advent time. Enjoy your mulled wines.

Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

The things I love: Autumn, are you here to stay?

Will this be a love song about autumn? I´m afraid so. Just like everyone else, I have a deeply rooted love for this time of the year and I always feel especially excited about life, when the leaves are changing. Might be that I´m just no summer child, as I can´t stand the heat, so I naturally enjoy my weather colder and with a touch of dreariness. To me there is just nothing than a walk in the chilly November air followed by a hot chocolate (with amaretto!) in a warm and cozy café or bundeling up at home. This relaxing and comfy "me"-time is rather needed these days, after stressing so much about finishing college all summer long. So I will try and soak up as much autumnal magic as possible this year and cherish every moment. Outfit-wise I´m all ready and set for layering and my coats and scarves are awaiting their time to shine. This burgundy one is the newest addition to my slightly over-sized collection and I´m already in love. 
Jumper H + M / Skirt + Hat + Bag + Shoes Thrifted / Scarf Primark
As I mentioned in my previous post, I can´t wait to type down a list with my favourite reads and I´d love to say hello to a few of you who might be using goodreads- as I´m a naturally nosy person and always interested in what other people are reading. So feel free to add me there!
I hope you liked my autumnal love song and the moments I captured with my phone over the last couple of weeks. I know everybody expresses their feelings towards the Pumpkin Spice Latte season and seems to be super eager about it, but let´s be honest- it´s a damn fine season.
 What´s not to love about it?