Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2014

Travel diary: Belgium bound

Yet another travel diary? Indeed! Another long overdue holiday took place over the last weekend, when my very best girlfriend and I went to a BFF trip to Belgium. It's a shame how friendships can fall apart when you don't water them like living plants. So we packed our bags, flew to Brussels and did some serious catch up. And it was great! Next to drowning ourselves in lakes of sugary waffle yumminess, we visited the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Atomium, ate delicious (non belgian) pizza and danced the nights away to catchy disco tunes (ones we usually despise!) just because it's so much fun doing stuff like that together. 
Dress Fleamarket / Fake Leather Jacket + Shoes H and M / Sunglasses NYer / Bag Vintage / Necklace Brandy Melville
Best pistachio ice cream I had in a long long time. How deadly is pistachio ice cream anyway? Definitely my all-time fave!
Besides the great time in Brussels, we also spend a day in Bruges, as the train literally needs an hour only. Rumor has it I snapped far too many pictures there, so I will leave our little daytrip to another post. So be prepared for more. In the meantime, why not sending your bff some sweet words and a stupid selfie, because what would you be without her? 

Freitag, 25. April 2014

Travel diary: back to Dublin

Oh yes, I´m back from a much needed holiday. Not that life was too stressful before I left (I mean, when is it ever a walk in the park?) but flying back to that wonderful island Ireland was just something that seriously had to be done. I spent a lovely time in and around Dublin, dipped scones and custard creams into my tea on a daily basis and if I could, I would hop on a plane back right away. Although Berlin keeps growing on me, I did lose my heart to Dublin and will always miss this city.

Leather Jacket H and M / Jumper + Velvet Skirt + Shoes Vintage / Sunglasses Penneys

Except a trip to Howth, I didn't really do many special things on this trip. I just relaxed and soaked up Irishness as much as possible. I obviously ate many salt and vinegar chipper chips and did the usual shopping damage, but I wouldn't mind making you guys a little "What to do in Dublin" post soon, if you are interested in that? Let me know and I'll type down a few suggestions about my happy place! 

Montag, 17. März 2014

Red flowers on a snow white gown

I´m kickstarting into this brandnew (rainy...) week with a classic outfit post. Since I moved to Berlin, I don´t really find myself strolling through shops too often anymore. If I crave a new piece, I usually just wander to the big secondhand shop around the corner and get lucky there. But a few weeks ago I stopped at Zara and took home this beautiful new addition to my white dress club that is already hanging on my clothing racks at home (serioulsy, can you have enough white dresses? I highly doubt it!) and I´m really in love with it.
Dress Zara / Jacket + Sunglasses NYer / Hat + Bag Vintage / Shoes H and M
So although I like an occasional rainy day at home with tea and the chance to catch up on a good read or a new show, I'd really like these big cloudy bastards to go away soon, so me and my white dress can go out and play again. For today, I try to fight them off by eating vast amounts of cupcakes... makes sense, right?